About DDDX

DDDX protocol natively supports swaps between closely correlated assets via a new curve,which realizes extremely low slippage close to 0 and a low exchange fee rate 0.01%. DDDX protocol supports veNFT governance and ve(3,3) tokenomics.

veNFT Governance

The veToken exists in the form of NFT. This further allows locks to be traded on secondary markets, as well as to allow participants to borrow against their veNFT in future lending market places. By extending locks into Non Fungible Tokens, it addresses the capital inefficiency problem of ve assets.

ve(3,3) Tokenomics

The ve(3,3) lockers increase holdings proportional to emission, no dilution. In this way, the interests of long-term voters are guaranteed.
The profit-maximizing strategy of liquidity providers is to lock the DDDX reward obtained as veNFT and participate in the protocol governance voting.

Bribe Function

The protocols create bribes, provide token incentives to voters, and the tokens will be released to voters on a weekly basis. Pairs that get more votes will receive a higher proportion of DDDX emission incentives and gain more liquidity. The composability of innovative bribe function will provide more possibilities for the DeFi ecosystem.
Last modified 7mo ago